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Ayyyeee!!! So we here! Here’s all the information you need to conquer the SHOOT and SCOOT course!

We are going to meet at the Butler’s Brother’s Building at 500 S. Ervay St. Dallas, Texas 75201 at 6:00pm. There will be plenty of scooters around the building for you to use. Some scooters might be different brands. The top brands are Lime, Bird, Jump, and Lyft. (I would recommend downloading the Lime or Bird App).

We will all start in the Dallas City Hall Courtyard shootin’ with Moxiee. After that, feel free to shoot at any location you want, in any order. Let’s meet back up at the starting place at 8:00pm so we can take a group photo!

The hashtag for SHOOT and SCOOT is #JMPShootAndScoot!


We have 7 bomb models in 6 locations! Below is information on where you can to find each model to take your dope shots!

Take a Screenshot if you would like to zoom in.

Shoutout to our two fire Make Up Artists!

Yo, and super special shoutout to my niece NyJae McKeel for helping me put all of this together! Love you Poody!

We shootin’. we scootin’.
— jazzella McKeel